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Question 1: Why Sikhwal Matrimonial and does its scope change in future?

Answer: We started in 2007 with a belief Our Sikhwal/Shringi/Shukhwal samaj is very small community spread around the world. We try to provide a common platform of communication for those families who are looking for suitable matches for their children in samaj only. This is a false rumor that this website will allow bio data of other cast or other bhramins in future.This is truly a Sikhwal Samaj Website decicated only for Sikhwal Brides & Grooms.

Question 2: How to register profile or bio data in it ?

Answer: You can submit your bio-data by click here

Question 3: How to see phone numbers of other profiles ?

Answer: You have to upgrade your profile as premium profile by donating 3000 Rs/- to Sikhwal Matrimonial to see contact information of suitable match. You can find bank account detail on dashboard page only after login in system. Please register your bio data with us. Once you submit detail our system will send a email for activation. In case you face any problem, you can contact us on following mobile numbers: +91-9460 3940 38 (Whatsapp), +91- 8209377836, 0141-3353689

Question 4: Benefit of photo in profile ?

Answer: If you upload your photograph in profile then it will display on top pages of site else it will be in last pages so more top page profiles have more chances to visit and more chances to provide good understanding to person who may be interested in your profile.So upload photograph and get good match.

Question 5: I am facing problem in edit profile or saving my data ?

Answer: Kindly see red bullets before fields in form and don't let them empty.All red mark fields are necessary and without them you can't submit form over website.

Question 6: How can we support this site ?

Answer: Provide information to your relatives or friends about this matrimonial site of Sikhwal Samaj.By giving information you are not only helping those who are facing problem of matrimonial in samaj but also you will help to bind sikhwal samaj by reducing chances of inter-cast marriages due to less information about good bride and grooms of samaj.

Question 7: How to advertise on sikhwal matrimonial and what will be the use of this ?

Answer: Please contact to admin by click here

Question 8: I am not getting response by site sometime ?

Answer: It might be possible sometime we response late due to process work but we try our best to provide feedback on your request within 2 or 3 days as possible.

Question 9: We do not want to add our bio data over website but want to see phone numbers of site members so how can we do this as we are not a registered member of site ?

Answer: In Case your profile is not in our website but you want to see phone numbers of brides and grooms then you just need to create your profile with hide option. You can register your bio data with hide public option at the end of registration form. Your profile will not visible for public but only you can contact and see profiles of other members who showed profile for public.

Question 10: How to Create Visitor Account ?

Answer: Contact to admin and tell him that we are registering our bio-data for Visitor Account.Admin will activate this as visitor account this profile will not show on public pages.This profile will be a hidden profile for only admin use or only account holder who can upgrade his account as premium for contact detail search.

Question 11: Can Premium member see both members (Bride & Groom) contact detail ?

Answer: No,Your profile activate for only your suitable matches not for all members hence you can only search contact detail of bride if your profile is a male profile.

Question 12: Premium member can see contact detail as ?

Answer: Contact detail provided by site member like:- Member Name, Father Name, Address & City, Phone Numbers, Email ...etc.

Question 13: Is this premium membership amount refundable in future?

Answer: No, In any case you are not suppose to ask us for money because this is a donation towards improvement and future development of this Sikhwal Samaj website.

Question 14: How could you assure about reliability of Profiles in Sikhwal Matrimonial ?

Answer: These profiles are uploaded by users hence we are not responsible for any kind of information disply in website i.e. user posted about income, education, property, job or family. Both families / bride or groom are responsible for their marriage decision for their future.

Question 15: Can Sikhwal Matrimonial resolve our marriage dispute, and help us?

Answer: No

Question 16: What is 2nd inning section?

Answer: 2nd inning is a Sikhwal Ads portal section where users post their matrimonial ads for re-marriage in case of widow marriage, divorced marriage and in late marriage candidates cases.